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Do It Yourself Tub, Tile, Cabinet & Countertop Refinishing Kit

2 Color Option

$204.00 $159.00 - On Sale !

Do It Yourself Tub, Tile
& Countertop Refinishing Kits


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 From This:  To This: " As Good As New "   
Refinishing Procedures

Don't Tear out that Old Tub, Rip out that Old Tile or Replace that Old
Cabinet or Countertop.
" We make the Entire Refinishing Process
Simple and Easy to Do Yourself. If You Can Paint, You Can Refinish."

Each Easy to Use DIY Refinishing Kit Includes:

2 qt. EP- Acrylic White Gloss Base

1 pt. EP-Acrylic Catalyst (4 to 1)

1 qt. EP-Acrylic Reducer MED

1 qt. Ultra Primer Base

1 qt. Ultra Primer Catalyst (1 to 1)

1 qt. Ultra Primer Reducer

1/2 qt. Chemical Adhesor - Blue

1 qt. Step I Cleaner

1 qt. Step II Cleaner
We match all custom colors from Sherwin Williams Interior color chart.
* You Need to Refinish  3 - 4 Tubs, 
Tile Surrounds, Countertops or Cabinets.

Except spray equipment which can be rented very inexpensively
NOTE: Do it yourselfers can rent High volume low pressure, HVLP, spray 
equipment from Graco or Wagner / Spraytech at most rental stores for about $35.

Perfect for Professionals who want to utilize
Our Entire
Refinishing System
 Do-It-Yourselfers to SAVE $
on Home Improvement Projects !


*If you do not own or have access to an H.V.L.P. ( High Volume Low Pressure) Spray Rig, you will need to rent one (approx. $35.00) and will also need approximately $10.00- $20.00 worth of tape, tarps, brushes, rags and other materials. Click Here for 'How To' Refinishing Procedures (Step by Step)

Total DIY Project cost is about
$190.00, vs. $ 450.00 - $775.00
to hire a contractor or $1700
or much more to Replace.

This entire project can be done in about 24 hours.

Custom Colors include the Sherwin Williams Interior Color Chart.


PLEASE NOTE: Our Refinishing Kits are sent via UPS - Hazardous Materials due to the Paint & Strippers. Therefore, shipping costs are higher than normal.