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"How to" Heaven

Do-it-yourselfers must check out this website

By Julie Clairmont
Inman News Features

Tim Taylor would love The clumsy character from TV’s Home Improvement could get into all sorts of trouble with the help of this website, which was launched in 1999 and claims to "promote the best of the best in the home improvement industry."

The site not only features its own impressive package of tips, articles, and "how to" information, but also offers hundreds of links to other websites. Under "Tips and Articles," the topics range from paint problems and a counter top planner, to cleaning brick and refinishing old kitchen cabinets.

Do-it-yourselfers will most likely enjoy this website, because you can spend hours linking to other websites full of "how to" advice. A click on the link even found tips on how to build horse fencing, not to mention how to repair a torn roof shingle.

I also noticed quite a few freebies, including free real time estimates on services such as flooring projects, and even free house building plans through a link to

The site also links to HandymanOnline, where consumers can find a qualified contractor.

But the best thing I noticed about this website is the amount of information you can get without even having to visit a bookstore or watch HGTV.

Under the website’s "Remodeler Showcase" visitors can find dozens of "how to" articles broken up into interior and exterior categories. Some of the articles are pretty meaty too. For instance, there’s a whole series of articles on Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement. There are directions on how to arrange your bedroom, workspace, living room and other spaces for optimum energy and well-being.

There’s also a series of articles on wallpapering, with "how to" information and images, as well as links to many wallpapering-related websites such as and and

This stuff is a little fluffy for guys like Tim Taylor, but there’s also plenty of other information about "manly" things like gutters, windows, pools, painting, and building bookshelves on this website.

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By Marty Duffy
Building Channels

Each month more than 60,000 homeowners and do-it-yourselfers pay a visit to, a home improvement information and resource portal featuring more than 3,600 links to do-it-yourself projects, tips, Web sites and articles.

The site, founded in 1997, serves as a guide to finding the best information on the Web for a wide range of home improvement topics.

The home page provides links to 40 interior and exterior home improvement showcase topics. Each linked topic offers users direct links to Web articles, original articles, manufacturer Web sites and contact information. For instance, a user looking for information about painting is offered more than 20 direct links to articles around the Web covering everything from "Getting Started" to "Faux Finishes" to "Clean Up". The site's painting information resource guide also provides links to about 20 top painting manufacturer and information Web sites and includes contact information for leading manufacturers.

For building industry manufacturers, the site offers an effective alternative to conventional banner advertising models. Site advertisers do get a banner ad, but, more importantly, they also get links to their sites from key product information pages within StartRemodeling. If desired, advertisers also get editorial coverage within the site.

Because sponsors messages are seamlessly tied into site content, referral rates from are significantly higher than typical banner ad click-throughs. Advertisers typically realize better than 1 percent click-through rates and often as much as 4 to 5 percent click-through rates.

One might guess that the development of's intuitive advertising model was developed by a consortium e-business and marketing consultants. Well, not exactly. The site was created by Jim McDonald and Carl Welliver, co-owners of JC Internet Enterprises, a Houston, Texas-based remodeling and home improvement business.

"We started the site as an interactive sales tool for our remodeling business," McDonald explained. "Our objective wasn't necessarily to create a major home improvement portal site. Rather, we were just trying to increase awareness - and sales - for our remodeling business."

The on-line business model McDonald and Welliver created proved to be on-target from word "go". The site offered homeowners a solid resource for locating project-specific information on specific home improvement projects. It also offered advertisers an opportunity to unobtrusively present their message to extremely targeted users.

McDonald and Welliver supported this model by never losing sight of the importance of individual relationships with both visitors and advertisers.

"We've never seen a 'red' day in our existence," McDonald said. "For advertisers, we offer flexibility and versatility. We do what it takes to get results, whether that means links, banner ads, PR stories or branding efforts."

7 On Assignment
Caterina Bandini Designer Belts for Tool Belts
Caterina Bandini

The latest craze in home improvement projects isn't a new fangled gadget or a trendy style, it's who is actually doing the work. In today's 7 on assignment, Caterina Bandini tells us how many women are trading in their designer belts for tool belts.

Armed with a hammer, Dianne Masters starts her day by putting the final touches on a new deck. But this is not her first remodeling project.

    Dianne Masters, Home Improvement Expert
    "This is the 1st project I did when we purchased the house. Gutted the entire thing myself except the plumbing and the electrical."

With a brand new kitchen under her "tool" belt, this stockbroker turned do-it your-selfer is just one of the millions of women who are tackling their own home improvement projects.

    Dianne Masters
    "So I came up with these and they fit in and everyone really likes them."
    Gale Steves Editor, Home Magazine
    "Companies have realized that there are women in hardware stores and home centers and they've made a lot of products much easier for them to actually do themselves."

From new hard wood floors to home décor, women want the best of everything and by doing it yourself can save you big bucks.

    Gale Steves
    "You can go a little slower you are not rushed because you are not paying somebody 65 dollars an hour."

But if you are still a little gun shy with a drill, a great way to start is by giving some new home accessories that "flea market find" look-adding centuries in a matter of minutes.

Style expert Christy Ferer says women have a natural knack for picking up tricks of the trade.

    Christy Ferer, Style Expert
    "Doing it yourself these days has really transcended just refinishing and fixing up -it's all about saving time and space on your own terms."
    Dianne Masters
    "When I decided to do the kitchen, I realized I wasn't going to have a lot of counter space so I built in these pantry cabinets. I put my toaster oven I also built in this cabinet and my coffee maker."

But built in's are not limited to the kitchen. Why not hide your TV in style?

But whatever home improvement project you take on, Dianne's advice...if you see something you like, don't be afraid to try it.

    Dianne Masters
    "I get a lot of ideas from restaurants and hotels."

And it won't be long before you too could be nailing down a new career!

For more information, visit the following link

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 - It's NOT Locked Up in King Tut's Tomb Anymore.

Stachybotrys and many other strains of toxic, health threatening molds are becoming everyday household words in America that very few understand.

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Horror stories are pouring in by the thousands everyday. Insurance companies are running scared. Families are being forced out of their homes for months on end. Some are burning them down to rid themselves of the problem. Schools and businesses are being shut down. Mr. and Mrs. John T. America are becoming seriously ill, young children and the elderly are severely sick and/or dying from this mysterious and little understood airborne toxin.

WHY? Because this epidemic, although around for millions of years, is brand new to most and just becoming public knowledge. Very few professionals, including doctors, have taken the time to study up on and train themselves about the problem at hand, much less educate the general population about the dangers that exist in their everyday lives. The simplest thing in the world and something we should all be able to take for granted has been tainted. The air we breathe inside of our homes and workplace.

Since 1997, has been a driving force on the Internet to educate and provide quality resources to homeowners wanting to improve their homes inside and out. In the last few years, they and their sister site at have made it their # 1 GOAL to inform, educate and provide life long solutions to their visitors on how to live safely inside of those homes that they care so much about. has done the research, compiled the informationand is making it readily available to everyone. They provide everything from informative articles and news releases, to government and medical findings. They provide a free national search for pre-qualified and certified toxic black mold professionals to inspect for and eliminate toxic black mold, toxic tort attorneys to assist those that may be in need of their services and simple do it yourself mold kits for under $10.00. They also provide a free 35 + page brochure from the site that details everything from simple identification to insurance procedures, cleaning procedures and elimination. They've covered it all.

"This is something that I take very personally, " states Jimmy McDonald, the man who initiated the change in direction for the site. " I am a fairly new Grandfather and my Granddaughter became violently ill when she was only acouple of months old.

We found the problem to be an accumulation of Stachybotrys and Penicillium molds in the house she was visiting, which ended up in her lungs. The people in that house, friends of the family, were moved out of their home for the better part of a year, lost cherished valuables and life in general was turned completely upside down for them. That opened my eyes and made me want to come up with some solutions that all of us can apply to our everyday lives.

"Our site does that and more for people now and it feels great." provides education, protection and solutions for your peace of mind. This site is definitely one that you will not want to pass up.


Jimmy McDonald
Houston, Texas

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