Home Owners Win Toxic Black Mold Lawsuit  0

Posted on August 8th, 2008. About , Black Mold, For Sale By Owner, Home Improvement.

Court Finds FOR Homeowners in Mold Lawsuit

A jury in Ohio has returned a $3 million verdict in a mold case. A moldy house that has been a headache for a central Ohio family was the subject of the lawsuit. A judge in Franklin County, Ohio, awarded Roman and Jennifer Costner $3 million last month for their three-year-saga. Earlier, another judge said Maronda Homes, the construction firm, has to pay the family’s legal expenses which totaled almost $700,000. Maronda Homes has called the ruling “completely unfair” and claims the homeowners stopped the company from fixing the mold problems at the house. There will likely be an appeal by the defendants. The Costners bought their house, which was located in a subdivision, for $219,000. They were forced to move out after toxic mold took over. The couple alleged that the south side of the house wasn’t attached to the foundation, the wrong windows led to leaks and waterproofing wasn’t done properly. All of this was said to have contributed to the mold problem.

Source: Associated Press

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