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mold in your basement?

Beware… if you are easily frightened, you would be better off not reading this article. Just a short time ago, I discovered something hiding in my home… just waiting for the opportunity to take over.

It started when I decided to remodel my basement. My head was spinning with these amazing ideas and I was feeling really imaginative. I enlisted the aid of a few family in cleaning out the boxes of old ornaments, games, and clothing. That’s when I came upon it.

In a dark, gloomy corner, hidden behind a stack of boxes.

Nasty, disgusting, basement mold. It was black and greenish, and had already began causing damage the wall. I discovered some in a couple of other places as well.

I was mortified. The first thoughts that popped in my head were about those horror stories of how mold can cause breathing troubles and other serious complications. I have small kids and do not want them to suffer from the mold. Then I worried about the expenses of getting rid of the basement mold.

After I went through my usual cursing fit, I did some research on how to take care of the mold. This is what I found.

First things first, and that is to find all of the mold in your house. Thankfully, only those few spots in the basement were affected.

My family came over to help me clean up, thankfully. After playing dress up with gloves and face masks, we were ready rob the bank. Just checking to see if you’re paying attention.

All joking aside, it is important to use gloves and face masks due to the fact that the spores of the mold can bring on breathing issues, and other complications. We make a solution of bleach to clean up all of the areas that were affected.

Once you get the basement mold cleaned from off the surface, you are ready for the next step.

You really should take care of any moisture issue. If you don’t, the mold will keep growing back. Evil little creatures, that mold.

One of the best methods to deal with your moisture dilemma is to seal your basement floor.

Concrete is porous in nature, moisture can sneak its way in through the floor and cause basement mold to grow. I hired some professionals to complete it for me to make sure it was done right. This also helps keep the concrete stronger and last longer.

Then, I researched and bought a dehumidifier for our basement. This keeps out any excess moisture, that can even show up the driest of climates. I also had someone check my basement for leaky pipes or fixtures.

This can be a huge source of basement mold. I added insulation inside the areas that were known for condensation.

I was also told not to install carpeting in my basement, because carpet is so absorbent that it will soak up moisture and possibly grow mold as well. I decided to go for a nice concrete stain instead.

So, the mold is gone and once again, I can sleep well at night.

If you are considering finishing your basement, or have noticed mold issues down there, use these tips to get rid of the contamination of mold, and to prevent it from growing back. Good luck, and I hope I haven’t frightened you too badly!

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