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Black mold is growing inside the Nassau County Courthouse in Fernandina Beach, and commissioners learned Monday it might take more than $100,000 to fix.

The courtroom and other areas on the second floor of the 113-year-old building on Centre Street in Fernandina Beach have been closed for several days because of traces of black mold.

The county also closed off the judicial chambers, judicial breakroom and a second-floor restroom after air samples showed higher than normal spore counts of black mold on Aug. 12.

Built in 1892, the historic courthouse is one of the oldest functioning courthouses in the state and was extensively renovated four years ago at a cost of about $4 million.

Monday, the Nassau County Commission unanimously approved a resolution to retain the renovation architects to find a solution to the black mold, which can cause allergy symptoms and, in some cases, more severe reactions.

County Administrator Mike Mahaney said it could cost more than $100,000, and commissioners were miffed by recurring problems at the building since the renovation.

“I can’t believe it,” Commission-er Marianne Marshall said. “I’m truly appalled at what we’re spending, and that building was just renovated.”

Commissioner Tom Branan also voted to retain the architects, but grumbled about the eventual costs.

“Throwing money down a hole,” he said.

Prior to the meeting, Mahaney said the county was waiting for the results of environmental tests to determine whether other areas of the courthouse have also been affected and might need to be closed.

Currently, Judge Brian Davis is holding court hearings in the law library on the first floor.

Davis said he expects to continue working from the courthouse. “I haven’t received any notice of (evacuation),” he said.

“… I’m waiting on the county manager to find out the full extent of the problem.”

He said business has gone on as usual on the first floor of the building. “There have been people here working since the

problem was discovered,” Davis said.

All other areas of the courthouse were open, pending the results of further air tests. County Building Maintenance Director Daniel Salmon said he was optimistic about the results because other areas of the courthouse are on separate air conditioning systems.

“I do not expect there to be elevated counts of fungal spores anywhere else in the building,” he said.

Nassau County Sheriff Tommy Seagraves said the mold has not affected how his office serves the courthouse.

“We … provide protection for the judge and the courthouse, and that’s what we’ve continued to do,” Seagraves said. “It hasn’t really affected us at all.”

This is not the first time the county has had problems with water at the courthouse since its renovation.

Shortly after the building re-opened in 2002, the second floor began to drip water in the summers when temperatures and humidity were high.

Salmon said hot moist air in the attic caused condensation to form on the air conditioning vents, which dripped into the courtroom, offices and chambers. Efforts to fix the problem have been unsuccessful.

He did not believe the mold had anything to do with the building’s age.

“It can happen just as easy in a brand new building,” he said. “Any time you have moisture on anything that could be considered food for fungus to grow on, such as wood sheet rock, or even masonry, mold will grow.”

~ Jimmy

Talkin’ about MOLD  0

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I had a customer call me on the phone today and tell me that he had just rented a home that was full of MOLD!

He told me that he saw it when he was searching for a new place and that his wife had trouble breathing in the home while they were previewing it!

NOW, he wants a remedy!

Good Lawdy~

He was AWARE of the MOLD! Wife had problems breathing while the house was empty. She’s PREGNANT and now they have a HUGE problem.

What the heck do I say?

RUN like hell?

You’re an idiot for jumping into a pit of snakes?


~ Jimmy

Venetian Plaster Helps Control Mold  0

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Plaster Artistry suggests:
A beautiful solution to the problem of mold on interior walls can be found in authentic lime Venetian Plaster. Mold cannot live in high pH environments. The natural pH of lime plaster is about 12 – very high alkaline.
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In the modern world the most important things are flexibility and efficient time usage. You can separate different room parts with movable walls and give them brand new function. Imagine that you have found a solution for 100m2 room, but there is always a problem, if there are too many people in one big room. It’s no more comfortable and private. In that point you can install movable wall to separate big room to smaller parts and also therefore you have found more functions for the NEW rooms.
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Tam High’s mold headache gets worse  0

Posted on August 21st, 2005. About .

Trickling water from the Mill Valley hills behind Tamalpais High School most likely spawned mold concentrations up to four times the federally recommended limits in its largest classroom building, officials said yesterday.
The discovery has prompted Tam administrators to postpone the start of school until Monday – three days later than planned.

“There is moisture under the building,” said V-Anne Chernock, director of facilities modernization for the Tamalpais Union High School District. “There are underground springs from the hills that abut the campus, that gets into the building.”

Keyser Hall, composed of 18 rooms, 12 of which serve as classrooms for some 400 students at any one time, was shut indefinitely yesterday. A musty odor that had persisted for the last several years intensified this month after the building was shut over the summer, prompting the district to order a round of tests for mold on Sunday, Chernock said.

The results, announced yesterday, showed several types of mold in the building that exceeded acceptable levels

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Glass Railing  0

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Glass has come a long way in the past few years. It has structural elements that make it a choice for designers and Architects alike to specify it for staircase railing, balcony barriers, stairs treads and interesting window designs.

Curved glass, for circular stairs is a complicated process but offers by far the most elegant choice to make a statement for your home. Very few people specialize in curved glass so choose carefully when deciding who to build your stairs. Ensure the stair provider can offer the whole package of stairs and glass, in either wood or metal.

Panoramic windows offering a grand view of the lake or other expanses can now be designed to included insulated lo-E so as to improve the overall “R” value of your new or remodeling project. Distortion free, self cleaning glass can be bent in a wide range of sizes and radii and installed with very little (apparent) support. This gives your the greatest amount of visibility.

Want to really open up interior space, glass stair treads and glass railing combination with a “minimalist” design, can not only add incredible value to your home but your vistors will not stop commenting on it.

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“Glass railing, clearly a better choice”

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Home Renovation Guide  0

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